Research can only be conducted with the help of a Research Lab, which must be at a minimum expansion level for most research to be conducted.

Research is generally divided into two groups:

  • Fundamental Research
  • Strategic Research

Fundamental Research

Fundamental research is a mandatory prerequisite for other research, as well as the construction of buildings, ships, or defensive structures. Researching beyond this foundation is not strategically beneficial in the game, as it does not provide any strategic advantage during gameplay.

Strategic Research

The effects of this research actively intervene in the gameplay. They increase, for example, the speed of ships or their weapon or defense strength. Continuous improvement is therefore sensible to gain strategic advantages. Limits to how far research can go are only dictated by the amount of required resources and the research time, which can become very large over time.

Research Result
Espionage Technology better espionage results, improved espionage defense, in Uni 3 the display on the Playercard
Computer Technology increased maximum fleet number (+1 per level)
Weapons Technology increased combat power (+10% of the base value per level)
Shield Technology increased shield strength (+10% of the base value per level)
Spaceship Armor increased spaceship armor (+10% of the base value per level)
Energy Technology increased efficiency of Fusion Power Plants
Combustion Drive increased speed for ships with combustion engines (+10% of the base value per level)
Impulse Drive increased speed for ships with impulse engines (+20% of the base value per level), increased range of interplanetary missiles
Hyperspace Drive increased speed for ships with hyperspace drive (+30% of the base value per level)
Intergalactic Research Network With each level researched, one research laboratory is networked
Astrophysics Increase in the number of colonies & increase in the number of simultaneous expeditions
Production Maximization Increases the production of the respective resource by 2%
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