Browser/User scripts

Browser/User scripts to simplify and/or enhance the pr0game experience.


Attention: Only tested with Tampermonkey on Chrome


Userscript Author Action
lazy_pr0gamer atain Install lazy_pr0gamer
Galaxy Control AxelFLOSS Install Galaxy Control
Visuals AxelFLOSS Install Visuals
Space Background AxelFLOSS Install Space Background
Scavengers Toolbox AxelFLOSS / Timo_Ka Install Scavengers Toolbox
Gimme Charts joghurtrucksack Install Gimme Charts
Warsim joghurtrucksack Install Warsim
Raidstats reflexrecon Install Raidstats
Exchange Planet Images eichhorn / Timo_Ka Install Exchange Planet Images
Mission align DawnOfTheUwe Install Mission align
All Messages default d0xxy Install All messages
Nerdy Names Bananenfürst Install Nerdy Names
Combat Report Anonymizer eichhorn Install Combat Report Anonymizer



Resources: - Resource calculator based on own production + on the planets. - Display in how many hours the next storage on all planets will be full and which resource.

Fleet: - Buttons for full gt expos with or without the best ship. - Display of fleet arrival at the 2nd fleet menu. - Clock in the overview for the relative time in hours.

Expos: - max. Expo points and currently selected points in the fleet menu. - self-set expo fleets. - Loot size in the messages. - Statistics on expos. - Number of expos to the selected target in the last 24 hours in the 2nd fleet menu.

Operational Notes

- View the resource tab of the planet after each mine upgrade. - Look at all planets after each maximizer research. - Occasionally check if Nero has reached the next level for max expo points (view stats points place 1-100). - Resources that fleets have are not considered - if fleets have transferred resources to another planet, view this one. - Go to the planets when storages were expanded (no matter which view). - After expos, view the reports and the return of resources. - Do not attack anyone from the Trade Federation (very important).


To update, click on the Tampermonkey icon and then on „Utilities“, then click on „Check for updates“.

If planets have been abandoned that are not recolonized or if you play in English and therefore the statistics do not match from the expos:

- `Tampermonkey` > `Dashboard` > `Settings` - Set `Config Mode` to `Advanced` (it's at the top). - `Installed Userscripts` > `progame_resourcetilwhen` > `Storage` - Clear everything in the text box and enter `{}`, then save.

If there is still an error, contact me via Discord.

Galaxy Control

Allows control of the galaxy view via arrow keys and WASD.

Command Key
Previous System `←`, `a`
Next System `→`, `d`
Previous Galaxy `↑`, `w`
Next Galaxy `↓`, `s`


Minor graphical improvements, such as no more shifts in the UI when hovering over links due to text resizing.

Space Background

Replaces the game's background image.

Scavengers Toolbox

Adds to the espionage report values for:

* Total resources. * Danger potential (number of ships * attack value) with color highlighting when greater than 0. * Necessary Small Transporters (preliminary: (Potentially lootable resources / 5000) + 1). * Recycling potential corresponds to the potential debris field. * Potentially lootable resources. * Potentially necessary Recyclers. * Best Ress / Sec shows the optimal resource yield per second. * Best Plant shows the best starting point for the raid, with a special case for galaxy jump here is „Best possible planet in Gala X“ displayed. * Market value of the resources corresponds to the equivalent according to the marketplace (own values can be maintained in the marketplace). * Ress per second flight time indicates how many resources per second can be looted from the currently active planet.

If „Pick up resources with X KTs“ is highlighted in red, the planet is defended.

To use the script, the pages „Marketplace“ and „Research“ must first be called up, otherwise the following error will be displayed:

The color scheme is as follows, however, the colors are subdued: * red = bad * orange = medium * green = good * blue = optimal

Gimme Charts

Shows statistics on your expos in chart form. All expos whose message was called once after the installation of the script are recorded. The script automatically displays a graphic above the message window on the Expo messages page.

Currently, the following diagrams are available and can be changed via the dropdown field above the diagram.

In the future, there may also be graphics for other things.


Sets the number for non-combat ships to 0 in new combat simulators. Clicking on the ship name in the row resets the value to the maximum.

Affected ships:

- Transporters - Recyclers - Colony ship - Espionage probes - Deathstar


Shows statistics on your combat reports in chart form. Currently only metal, crystal and deuterium gains per day.

Exchange Planet Images

Made by eichhorn.

Planet images can be set individually in the settings.

Mission align

Small improvement in the formatting of missions in the overview and the phalanx view.

Missions are single-line and left-aligned in the overview:

Missions are left-aligned in the phalanx:


Makes the „All Messages“ tab the default and automatically opens it when you select messages from the menu.

Nerdy Names

Exchange „normal“ ship, missile, tech and defense names with short nerdy ones.

Combat Report Anonymizer

Anonymizes combat reports (coordinates and tech levels) and shortens the KB to the first and last round.

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